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Top 1 Dishwasher Repair in Abu Dhabi

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The dishwasher is probably the most used utensils cleaner of the home in Abu Dhabi. On an average it will run at least 2-5 years effortlessly. But you need to take care of the dishwasher to get that longevity. It needs to be repaired as it might get dysfunctional from time to time. Your dirty dishes will bother you a lot unless you repair your dishwasher machine. Future Home, as a renowned provider of dishwasher repair in Abu Dhabi, is ready to stay beside you in any home appliances repairing. Would you like to know more???

A dishwasher might face multiple technical issues in its journey. These are absolutely disturbing for regular users. Thus, we bring all the solutions for repairing dishwashers at your doorstep.  

Dishwasher doesn’t start – 0526121190

Start-up issues are the most crucial problems for this machinery. The motor may be damaged or the parts inside it  got jammed. Thus, cleaning it at home won’t solve the problem.. Even, your hand won’t reach the corners of the machine. The thing may be clogged, the wire connection inside or outside the washer may be disrupted. It would be risky to make it again running well. or can Call Us 0526121190/0526121130

How Future Home Appliance Repair Center in Abu Dhabi fix this?

We are a group of professionals expert in assembling and disassembling the dishwashing machines. We know how to start it through repairing. Our skills in cleaning, connecting the wires and assembling all the parts are just proof of this. Just contact  us and get our service.

The machine  isn’t cleaning utensils well

Obviously, the main target  of a washer is to clean the dirty plates, spoon, mugs etc. well. But it would be embarrassing if you put the dirty things inside it  and get back to them again . Overloading the machine or scraping food debris might cause the problem.

How we solve this?

Our expert technicians and repairing service will get to you asap. You just need to call us while you need. We will go and check what are the barriers of dishwasher those are preventing proper cleaning of the apparatuses.

Water doesn’t drain

It is quite pathetic to breathe in the smell of the leftovers mixed with water coming from the cleaning appliance. This is because, despite  your try to run the machine, it fails to drain out the used water at all. It may cause flooding in your kitchen. Moreover, you won’t love to reuse the machine which is already filled with nasty water full of smelly and dirt particles.

Our service to you:

Here we  are to solve the matter with brilliance. Our smart technicians will reach you and check the parts to identify the cause of water flood. It won’t take a long time to reinstall the proper draining system. You only need to contact Future Home.


You went out of home and returning back you see that the kitchen is filled with some water and you wonder  where it’s coming from. Well! This is another problem of the machine. It is leaking water through the smallest hole of  the device. You can search for the spot of leakage. But it would be tiresome and hard to find out.

Need solution?

We will seal out the leakage and make sure it won’t leak again. Our skilled hands will find out the possible upcoming problems and sort them before you have them.

The door isn’t latching properly

Every part of your machine is fine but imagine, the door isn’t latching. You won’t be able to use the dish cleaner until you close the door securely. Reasons behind the door’s incapability to shut down are to use it repeatedly for a longer period of time, and sticky food particles attached to it.

Future Home has the right instruments to clean out the jammed door. We are fast to find out the issues and solve them swiftly. Calling us would make your machine’s  door latching again.

Dishwasher doesn’t or keeps filling it up

Filling up more than needed or failed to fill – these are the common problems of the washer. Either your machine isn’t containing water fully or filling it more than the limit. It can cause a reduction in the lifetime of your appliance . Overfilling of washer makes the kitchen nasty and fills with nasty smells. Again, without proper water filling inside the machine won’t clean the things you need.

Our Solution

We know different branded dishwashers, their setting and repairing methods. When you call us from your home, we will mark out the reason which is causing your device being overfilled or failed to fill it up.

Why Future Home Appliance Repair Center?

Abu Dhabi may have lots of home appliance repair service centers. But we believe our experts and dedication to our respected customers makes us unprecedented. Whatever brands like Amana, Bosch, Ikea, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc. dishwasher you use, we are always ready to repair them. And we promise to give our best.

Despite being extremely classy at our service, we provide you the most affordable services too. In many areas in Abu Dhabi, we provide home appliances repairing service. Grab our dishwashers repair service today and get the best of us!

Best Air Conditioner Repair Abu Dhabi With Service Warranty

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We provides a number of appliance repairs service for your convenience and our Air Conditioner Repair Service in Abu Dhabi one of them. An AC is a must-have home appliance in the city like Abu Dhabi where the temperature is very high.

Best Air Conditioner Repair Abu Dhabi

We are specialized in split AC repairing service and the best part is that we provide repairing service at home. In this content, we will discuss about different AC problems and how Future Home can help you in repairing.

Common AC Problems And Solution:

Here we provide information about the most common AC problems and their repairing details. Stay with us for further details.

AC not cooling properly:

It is the most asked questions to us regarding Air Conditioner. A different issue can create this type of problem. Take a look at it.

Faulty compressor: Faulty compressor is the main reason behind it. A compressor is the heart of an AC and the main component that compress with the refrigerant to make the environment cool. It is motor mainly and any problem in this motor can stop it from cooling properly.

Clogged air filter and Dirty coils: If your air filter will be clogged with dirt and coil get dirty too, it can stop your AC from working properly and result in not cooling properly.

Ac repair

Others: Insufficient refrigerant, defective parts, faulty thermostat, faulty AC remote etc. can also obstruct your AC from not cooling properly.

What Can We Do From Our Side:

With a team having highly skilled and experienced technicians, our AC repair services are second to none and can fix this sort of issue in cheap price.

Low on Refrigerant or Refrigerant Leaks Of Your AC:

The amount of refrigerant in your AC can be low depending on two conditions-

  • Undercharged at installation
  • Leaks

It is a very rare occurrence and not a dangerous one. You can call your service provider and add the exact amount of refrigerant to it.

But leaking is a dangerous problem and you can not simply fix it by adding refrigerant. You need to hire a trained and well-experienced technician to fix the leak and then fill it with refrigerant.

How We Can Help You:

We have over 5 years experience in repairing any type of AC leaking problem and just One Call is enough to fix your Air conditioner in time.

One another important thing is to keep in mind that the performance and efficiency of your AC will depend on filling the exact amount of refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specification. Besides this, if the filling is not exact, you can face undercharge or overcharge issue.

Electric Connection and Sensor Problem:

It is also a common problem and can happen to any Air Conditioner. Using low-quality circuit board, an issue in electric connection and setup can create this sort of problem.

Ac repair abu dhabi

Thermostat sensor is the main sensor in the AC that measures the air temperature coming into the evaporator coil. It is located behind the control panel and if it moves from the exact posting, the sensor will not work properly with the AC. And your air conditioner may behave erratically or cycle constantly.

How Future Home Can Help You:

If you face this sort of problem, you can contact us and we will send our technician to fix it. Solving an electric connection is not a huge task and need very short time to fix it. Fixing sensor position is a difficult task but the technician of Future Home Appliance Repair Center can do it perfectly. You are just one call away from fixing it.

# 1 Air Conditioner Repair Service in Abu Dhabi ???

Yes, We provide the # 1 Air Conditioner Repair Service In Abu Dhabi with after service warranty Look, What our client tell about our service.

Ghiyath Mish’al Bahar => “Absolute first class service. I’ve used their AC repair service before. Never fail- Awesome service 🙂

Final Solution:

The final solution is the Future Home Appliance Repair Center. Our 5 years experience in the field will provide you with a top-notch AC repairing service with after service warranty policy. A simple call can get rid of your all AC related problem in no time.

#1 Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi

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Being a full home appliance repair and service company, Future Home Appliance Repair Center is completely licensed and assured to provide our valued customers with quality Washing Machine repair Abu Dhabi at the lowest possible cost.  

Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi with Common Problems

Various incidents can happen to your washing machine due to high workload, electric short circuit and so on. In this writing, we will try to cover the most common incidents and tell you how can we help you in those matters.

Washing Machine Does Not Start:

It is the most common problem and inquiry regarding the Washing machine. There are several reasons behind it. We will discuss the most common ones.

washing machine repair

Check the power cord: You need to check the power cord of your washing machine and make sure that is plugged in. loose power cord can create unplugging problems too. If this problem happens several times, changing the power cord can help to get rid of the problem.

Front loader Problem: The front loader of your washing machine lid switch may be defective. This particular area of the door frame confirms and communicates to the machine that the door of the washer is closed properly or not. So, the fault in the front loader of a washing machine lid switch can lead to this problem.

Top loader washer lid switch Fault: It is also a common problem. To verify if this problem arises to your washing machine or not, just click to set the machine “On”. Then try to push into the hole with the blunt end of a pen. If your machine is working correctly, though the lid is open, the water should start filling. And if not, you have a serious issue in your washing machine.

How Can We Help You:

If you face this sort of problem, please contact with us and solve this issue. For this, you just need to call us and we will go and check the issue and solve in the meantime.

Washing Machine Is Not Cleaning My Clothes Properly:

Washing Machine is a common day to day appliance in Abu Dhabi. So, if your washing machine does not clean your clothes properly, you are in great trouble.

Undoubtedly it is most frustrating clothes washer problems you may face. It seems that your washing machine is running properly but after a full cycle, your clothes remain the same as you enter or clean somewhat of your clothes or fresh clothes with garbage like dirt, hair, lint and other light debris.

How Future Home Appliance Repair Center will Help You:

Future Home has some professional washing machine repairing technicians who can fix your problem and make your clothes clean again. Just give us a call and we will go and repair your machine.

My Washing Machine Does Not Spin:

This is one of the common problems that can happen to your washing machine. If the machine seems to complete all the cycles but doesn’t spin, you have to understand that there is a spin problem in your appliance. In this case, the basin of your machine will drain of water but it will refuse to spin. For this, various problem can occur such as clothes will be jammed and so on.

Washing machine repair

A problem in your lid switch, drive belt and controlling portion can create this sort of problem. Check how can we help you.

How Can We Help You In This Case:

An experienced technician can understand and fix your spinning issue and Future Home Appliance Repair Centre’s technicians are capable of doing this.

Other Problems:

Those are the most common problems that can make your washing machine useless. Besides this, the problem like loud noises from the machine, too much vibrating and shaking in the running time,  Washing Machine Will Not Agitate etc. can happen also.

Best Washing Machine Repair Service In Abu Dhabi ???

Jess Mufty => “They did a great job. I just told them that I need my washing machine quickly. They repaired and sent my washing machine the same day.“

Check what our client says about our washing machine repairing service. Currently, we have the best technicians to provide any kind of repairing to your washing machine.

Final Solution:

For those many problems, there is just one simple solution – Future Home Appliance Repair Center. We provide the best washing machine repair service in Abu Dhabi. Please book a schedule with us for any type of washing machine repairing service and we are there for you 24/7

No #1 Refrigerator Repair Service in Abu Dhabi – Quick And Cheap

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Residents throughout the Whole Abu Dhabi city have been relying on Future Home to provide quick and friendly Refrigerator or fridge repair in Abu Dhabi along with after service warranty. Here we will discuss the problem of the refrigerator and the repairing process with Future Home.

Refrigerator Repair Service in Abu Dhabi

Refrigerator Repair Service in Abu Dhabi

Most Common Fridge Problems And Solution:

A fridge has an average life expectancy of about 10-20 years, during this time your appliance may need repairing. We offer repairing service with warranty policy in order to help increasing the lifetime of your fridge and try to cut down the need for future repairs. So the most common refrigerator problems are listed below. Take a look.

  • My Refrigerator is not cooling.
  • Producing Too Much Ice.
  • My Refrigerator is making noise.

Refrigerator Is Not Cooling:

It is the most common asked problem from our customers. There are different reasons for it.

  • Fault in the compressor is the main reason behind it.
  • Low on refrigerant in your fridge can also create this sort of issue.
  • Faulty Thermostat can cause poor cooling. Clogged coils is another reason behind it.

How Future Home Can help You:

We understand the fact that what would happen if your refrigerator is not cooling properly. We have the best refrigerator technicians to solve your issue with 60 days service warranty (condition applied).

My Fridge Producing Too Much Ice:

Your deep fridge can be faulty and produce an excessive amount of ice. Fault in the ice maker of your fridge can lead to this sort of issue.

What is the process to get rid of this issue:

People tend to clear the fridge to get rid of this problem. But it is not the final solution. Future home can help you in this case. Just give us a call and we will repair your fridge quickly.

My Refrigerator Is Making Noise:

Though the condenser fan motor of your fridge can cause a loud noise most of the time, there is no fixed reason for this noise. It depends on where the sounds are coming from. After knowing this your technician can start the process of fixing. Let’s check the position from where the sound is generating and possible repairing.

  • Noise Coming From the Inside
  • Noise Coming From the Bottom
  • Noise Coming From the Back

Future Home Guidance:

The technician of Future Home knows this about this problem and capable of fixing it in time. Just pick your mobile,  give us a call and tell your problem & the position of the noise generating. Our technician will go and repair your fridge for good.

Other Issue With Your Refrigerator:

Beside this most common issues, we also hear such as my refrigerator has a bad smell, Ice Maker isn’t working, Ice on the back wall etc. from our client. We also fix this type of issues; so don’t hesitate, call us for better service.

Refrigerator Repair In Abu Dhabi – Best Service???

Yes, We can confidently say that our company give the best refrigerator repair service in Abu Dhabi. Look, What one of our clients tell about our service

Paul Claussen => “I am very glad that I called and made the appointment for refrigerator repairing and was very well satisfied.”

So don’t hesitate, pick your phone and give us a call.

Final Word:

Future Home is well known for providing 24/7 effective service with quick responses to customers of Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas. And we ensure the quality of our work with a 60-day satisfaction warranty policy. So, Why waiting. Give us a call at 0526121190 and repair your fridge in no time.