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washing mechine repair

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Coffee Machinr repair


#1 Best Dryer Repair Service Center In Abu Dhabi

#1 Best Dryer Repair Service Center In Abu Dhabi 2

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#1 Dryer Repair Abu Dhabi

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Best Dryer Repair In Abu Dhabi

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As a licensed and professional dryer repair center in Abu Dhabi, Future Home Appliance Repair Center excels in observing, identifying, and solving all the problems a dryer can have. We provide our valued clients with an affordable, convenient, and super-fast dryer repair service with our highly trained, dedicated, and professional servicing team.

We repair and service all types of major home appliances such as Washing Machine, Ac, Fridge, TV, Freezers, Cooktops, Oven, Dryers, Dishwashers, and so on. Check out our Service page for more info.

Yes, We give home service. You just need to call us. Our team will go and repair your appliance.

No. We just repair home appliances.

N.B: If any of your appliance parts get damaged, we will find and fix it.

We operate in a simple way. We have two phone numbers given on our website. You just need to call us in the number if you need to repair anything.

After that, we send our technicians to your house and they will inspect the appliance. Then we fix the repairing price and get back to our workshop for repairing. After repairing, we deliver the appliance and take payment from the customer. 

Yes, we do give warranty after service depending on the appliance.

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If you have any emergency appliances repair need, simply call us 24 hours.

Quick and Reliable Dryer Repair In Abu Dhabi

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Future Home Appliance Repair Center offers the best dryer machine repair services in Abu Dhabi at the most reasonable price. Our services and facilities are designed to offer you the perfect solution to every washing machine problem.

We have highly-trained and skilled staffs who know how to fix dryer problems.

At Future Home Appliance Repair Center, we guarantee you the best pricing.

We use latest technique and tools for quick and reliable servicing and repair facility.

Dryer Repair In Abu Dhabi

We always use best materials and tools for our repair services for quality assurance.

Faster service with quick repairing for the convenience of your valued customers.

We provide you with quick and prompt support and response 24/7 without any delay.

Dryer Repair In Abu Dhabi With Common Problems

Top Dryer Repair In Abu Dhabi

Electronic cloth dryers are convenient to use with a high workload. Yet, it may encounter minor and major problems over the years due to improper maintenance and a higher workload. It prevents the godsend home appliance from functioning correctly. 

Thus, you will see damp clothes when the dryer is not working accurately. At worst, the clothes may get burnt or torn. So, here at Future Home Appliance dryer repair service, we will discuss the common problems an electronic dryer can encounter with their solutions.


The Dryer Not Drying Properly:

A dryer not working or functioning correctly is the most irritating problem you will ever face. It is also the most common electronic dryer problem. The usual reason behind a dryer not drying your clothes is the broken heating element. 

Broken heating element:

The heating element inside the dryer warms up the air that dries your clothes. Due to repeated and over years of use, this heating element may stop working. Plus, it can malfunction due to overload. So, the dryer interior will not warm up to remove the dampness and water from the fabrics. Usually, the heating element maintains 20 to 60 ohms. If you see any discontinuity, it suggests that the heating system has failed. 

Overheating problem:

Contrary to the broken or not working heating element, this problem will overheat the dryer. So, it can burn your clothes. Also, it is harmful to the safe use of the dryer. When it happens, the dryer will have excess heat. It can burn your hands if you touch the dryer wall accidentally. 

How Future Home Appliance Center May Help You

When you sense any malfunctioning of the heating system of the dryer, call us ASAP. We will check the heating element with a digital multimeter or ohmmeter. Our professional home dryer service will identify and solve the issue faster than you anticipate. 

The Dryer Overheating And Shutting Off

Dryer overheating is mainly caused when its thermal fuse is damaged or blown out for some reason. The thermal fuse is right at the back cover and is a small safety tool for the dryer. It is usually on or inside the exhaust duct. 

The thermal fuse is responsible for detecting the temperature of the machine and trip to stop overheating. When the thermal fuse is blown away or not working properly, it will fail to detect the temperature. As a result, it can stop the dryer from heating or allow it to heat too much. Both incidents are dangerous and need prompt action. 

What We Will Do:

When you detect overheating and shutting off your dryer frequently, you must call our servicing team ASAP. Our serviceman will inspect the thermal fuse and replace it with a newer one. Also, our faster action will protect your expensive dryer and clothes from other risks. 

My Dryer Has Defective Cycling Thermostat 

The cycling thermostat controls the heating element and temperature within the dryer. It detects the temperature change and switches on and off the heating system. This way, the thermostat regulates the interior temperature of the dryer. 

When you see the dryer not drying, it is most likely the cycling thermostat has become defective. At this point, the thermostat may have damaged wiring or a sensor that needs repairing or replacement. The sensor will fail to detect the temperature and control the heating cycle. 

So, you should look for a washing machine & dryer repair service to counter the problem. 

How We Will Fix The Problem 

Our experienced technicians will promptly detect the root of the problem. Then, they will work with the defective thermostat and its sensor. Whether it needs a complete replacement or repair, we will do it fast and affordable. 

Obstructed Venting Duct Problem 

Electronic dryers are available in ventless or vented versions. The vented version has a venting duct. It requires the proper installation to help the machine work appropriately. Also, when the duct vent collects dust and residues, it gets obstructed and stops working. It is a common issue that causes do not tumble dry problems. 

The duct vent circulates cold air from the outdoors to the indoors and removes the hot air from the dryer inside. When it gets clogged, the air gets trapped inside too. Consequently, the dryer will not work, and the clothes will take more time to become dry or remain wet. 

What Our Dryer Repair Service Will Do:

Our experienced and trained technician will unclog the dryer vent duct with professional tools. Plus, we offer you quick and reasonable duct vent installation service for dryers. You just require to look for a dryer repair near me to reach us. 

A helping note:

To avoid duct vent clogging, you should clean the lint timely. It will help the duct vent work for a longer period. 

Other Minor Problems of Electronic Dryer:

Modern-day dryers are a complex combination of hundreds of major and minor components. Thus, there can be a problem with these components at any time. For instance, the high-limit thermostat can become faulty and fail to stop overheating. Similarly, there can be loud and constant noise; the signal lights may stop working, etc. 

We provide exclusive service to these problems with our hands-down to-of-the-line dryer service and repair team.

Best Dryer Repair Service In Abu Dhabi 

Future Home Appliance Repair Center has an experienced, dedicated, well-trained, and well-mannered dryer servicing and repair team in Abu Dhabi. We have the fastest-reaching capability to any location in Abu Dhabi, proper knowledge of working in a home environment, and the most affordable cost for our services. 

“My electric dryer had stopped working, and I called the Future Home Appliance Repair Center. They were here in less than 30 minutes and repaired the thermostat within the next 1 hour. I was like, how did they do it so fast? Impressive and indeed a 5-star rated work.“

Musa Ismael

Our clients have high hopes for us with greater work satisfaction.

Final Solution:

Future Home Appliance Repair Center is your one-stop solution for the best dryer repair in Abu Dhabi. If you encounter any problem with the dryer or other home appliances, quickly book an appointment with us. We are ready at your service 24/7. 


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