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washing mechine repair

cooking appliance repair

cooking stove repair

Refrigerator repair

dish washer repair

dryer repair

Coffee Machine Repair

Coffee Machinr repair



washing mechine repair

cooking appliance repair

cooking stove repair

Refrigerator repair

dish washer repair


Washer dryer repair

Coffee Machine Repair

Coffee Machinr repair


Future Home Appliance Repair Service Center

We Reair Almost Every Thing

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We've repaired 1500+ Home appliances in the past 6 months.

services that we offer

Let us help you! If you need home appliance service, We are the team you are looking for! trained to service all types and models of appliance designed for residential use and equipped to fix any problem related to high tech fridges, dishwashers, ovens and all home appliances. Our technicians can be a valuable asset in every household. ” Global Appliances Repair Center” offers residential services which includes all related needs. From service routine to repair and installations, you can count on our team.

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Repair Service

Washing Machine Repair

Our Washing machine repair center is known as the best & number one in the Abu Dhabi for our specialty in All Brands Washing machine Repairing & Services. Call Us by dialing +971526121190 or click call now button below.

AC Repair
Repair Service

AC Repair

We repair all type of Air Conditioning problems in Abu Dhabi. Our best AC repairing service cost very little compared to the other AC repair services. WhatsApp us and we will repair your fridge.

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Repair Service

Fridge Repair

Save your money, stress and breathe easy with our Future Home Refrigerator repair service. Currently we offer the best fridge repair service in Abu Dhabi. WhatsApp us and we will repair your fridge.

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Repair Service

Dish Washer Repair

We are expert in Dish Washer Repairing in Abu Dhabi city. Our service cost the lowest compared to the other repair services companies. To know more about our services you can visit our Services page.

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Repair Service

Dryer Repair

Dryer is a common home appliance and sometimes it may need to repair. Our warranty availed service ensure the best repairing of your appliance.WhatsApp us and we will repair your fridge.

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Repair Service

Television Repair

Need to repair your TV. No worries. Future Home is here to help you. Tell your TV problem via phone and we will go and repair your TV soon. To know more about our services visit us.

All Brands we repair
Just give a call +971526121190

If you have any emergency appliances repair need, simply call us 24 hours.

Quick and Reliable Washing Machine Repair Services in Abu Dhabi

Home appliance repair 0526121190

Call 0526121130

Call us and book our repairing service. We will send our technician and check your appliances.


Our experienced technician will repair your any appliance in time.


No need to worry. Just relax and our team will send your appliance as soon as it is fixed.

Appliance service guarantee

Future Home Appliances Services provides quality repair services to help extend the life of your appliances. We offer a maximum 60 days after service guarantee depending on the condition of your appliance. If your appliance fails due to reasons related to the original repair, we will replace any parts that fail due to defects in materials, workmanship, and perform any additional labor free of charge.

We stand behind our work and the parts we use. Count on us for fast, reliable service and satisfaction guaranteed!

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Service We Provide

We repair almost everything you need to repair. Just come with your broken or damage home appliance, we will repair it and give it to you. 

Though we repair all type of home appliances, we listed below some major categories of appliances here just for you. Let’s have a look. 

Washing Machine Service and Repair:

We understand that the washing machine is one of the main home appliances in Abu Dhabi. It makes your clothes washing really simple and saves a lot of time. That’s why people tend to use a lot of this on a daily basis.  

But what will happen if it breaks down or any parts of it get damaged? Yes, that can create great havoc. It is almost impossible to wash your clothes in the old method in this fast-growing city as it consumes a lot of time.

Moreover, Some washing machine comes with an inbuilt dryer and or for some we have to buy a dryer separately. And it can be damaged also. No worries !!! We are here to help you out. Just call us now at 052 6121330 and our technician will go to your house and solve your washing machine and cloth dryer problem in no time.

AC Service and Repair:

Without the service of AC, it will be very difficult to live here in Abu Dhabi; especially in the summertime starts from May to October. Actually, the weather of Abu Dhabi demands the need for an AC in every house. It is a part and parcel in the corporate world too.

If your AC is not working or damaged, you can with contact us. Our experienced technician will solve your problem at the lowest possible price.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair :

Fridge or refrigerator is another important day to day appliance. It keeps your food and vegetables fresh and protects from rotten. You don’t need to go to the market every day for shopping as you can store your meats, fish and vegetable enough in your fridge.

Like the refrigerator, a freezer is also a needed appliance in daily life and can be damaged also. When we are here for you in your city for an appliance repair service, you do not need to worry. Just contact with us and we will fix your issues in time.

Dish Washer and Dryer Repair:

A dishwasher is a common home appliance in the house. You can wash your frying pan, plate, cup etc in the dishwasher or dishwashing machine easily. The same thing goes for dryer also. A dryer can dry your wet cooking appliance and save your time. But both of these appliances can be damaged over a period of time.

And life becomes very tough if your dishwasher or dryer is not working properly. And in such a busy city like Abu Dhabi, there is very less time for this type of cleaning and drying works by yourself.  

Electric Stove and Oven Repair:

For cooking and food making process electronic stove and oven play an important role. And it needs to repair sometimes and Future Home Appliance Repair Centre is here to help you. You can Whatsapp us by clicking the WhatsApp icon given below and we will go to your house to inspect this.

Moreover, we believe in customer satisfaction. That’s why we provide after service warranty.

Other Home Appliance Repair:

We also give some other home appliance repair service as well as a water cooler repair, ice maker repair, juice mixture repair, coffee machine repair etc in your city. Just call us in the contact number for anything you need to repair and we will repair your appliance with warranty.

Or you can contact us via contact us form any time. Just give your phone no in the details, we will call you after getting the mail.


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